A new way to reach and manage interns or trainees

A new way to reach and manage interns or trainees

Shorten the gap between you and upcoming talent.

Shorten the gap between you and upcoming talent.

Oanax for challenges and internships!

Give your company a healthy influx of talent

A simple and more reliable way to collaborate with interns and trainees. Oanax also helps your companies to maximize the internal learning that comes out of the collaboration.
Oanax for challenges and internships!

Automate applications

Less worry about managing applications, yet more control over the hiring workflow. Everything in one place.

Accessible for all employees

Everyone can be given control over recruitment creation and management. Your employees might know best what their team needs for the future.

Facilitate challenge based learning

Receive new insights and partner up with universities - or set out business cases! Oanax is ideal for opening your company’s door to new people. Or exchange ideas with other companies in a low-threshold environement.
Potential employees

Potential employees

Find candidates for your junior functions through internship and trainee positions. Get to know the people you want to hire!

New insights

New insights

Internships and challenges provide the opportunity to receive new insights and implementable solutions.

Better managers

Better management

Oanax allows for quick and easy management of new talent - and also provides a platform for internal learning.


Manage applications, can be used as a standalone feature to automate steps.

Activity monitoring

More control and overview over progress of interns, trainees or internal challenges.


Share everything and anything blazing fast with people of interest.


Easily set-up events or participation days and even handle ticketing and payment.


Relocate used files and images in an accessible way.


Instantly get a grasp of what is happening.
Oanax application, which can manage and run internships, events and other activities.
Would you like to participate in the pilot for Internship software?

Our software makes it easier to supervise an internship and you get more out of your intern. In the pilot we listen to you and provide the necessary support.

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Meet the team

Meet the team

New insights
Every organisation needs a brain - and in our case we have a Brian.
New insights
Head development
Aptly nicknamed Snelle Jelle for his quick delivery of optimal code.
New insights
Creative director
Still doesn’t understand what UX design really is, but is too afraid to admit it.
Better managers
Business developer
Remko is to our business plans what coffee is to the rest of our organization: pretty important.

For now and for the future.

Collaborate with potential employees and give your current workforce the tool they need today.

Oanax, for now and for the future
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