Introducing Professional Acquaintance Software

Introducing Professional Acquaintance Software

Connect with top talent and companies through mini challenges to build a deployable network and achieve real, tangible results.


Why getting to know each other?

Finding the right person, talent or company can be a challenge. But what if you could hire someone you already know and work well with? That's why it's important to get acquainted with potential candidates through hands-on challenges.
Oanax helps with professional acquaintances through challenge based learning implementations


Because you work with a mini challenge, you don't have to immediately draw up a vacancy or contract. You get to know each other by working together in this challenge.


Even if you do not immediately have a vacancy or are looking for a new employee, getting to know us is a good idea. It is much more convenient to already know some people if you are looking for someone.

Low cost

You can just use the platform per challenge, and do you use a lot? Then there is a subscription. You get the first one from us!

What we can do you for you.

Getting acquainted through challenges

Professional acquaintance

Build stronger connections between potential employees and teams through hands-on challenges. Get acquainted with each other while getting work done. Our platform helps you find the right match.
help with creating and formulating challenges

Challenge support

Our tool or team of professionals can help you create and formulate challenges that align with your business activities. These challenges provide a low-risk opportunity to build new contacts and find potential candidates.
Application alternatives

Application alternatives

Lower the threshold for finding the right match by first getting acquainted informally. No need to sign contracts immediately, our platform allows you to explore potential candidates and build your network.

Create challenges

Get help with defining and having challenges and activities carried out.

Share challenges

Find new staff by sharing your challenge on LinkedIn, for example.

Challenge based learning

Get acquainted with new insights and results that can be used immediately for the company.

Quick sign up process

Less worry about managing applications, but more control over the recruiting workflow. Everything in one place.
Oanax challenge acquaintance software also for internships, events and other activities.

Want to try out our acquaintance software?

You will receive the first challenge from us, so you do not run any risk. Leave your details and we'll take care of it!

Welcome to Oanax! Try us out

Meet the team

help with creating and formulating challenges
Every organisation needs a brain - and in our case we have a Brian.
help with creating and formulating challenges
Head development
Aptly nicknamed Snelle Jelle for his quick delivery of optimal code.
help with creating and formulating challenges
Creative director
Still doesn’t understand what UX design really is, but is too afraid to admit it.
Application alternatives
Business developer
Remko is to our business plans what coffee is to the rest of our organization: pretty important.

For now and for the future.

Unlock your own and your organization's potential with Oanax - the future of professional networking and growth. Start building your deployable network today!

Oanax, for now and for the future
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