About Oanax


Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations to reach their full potential by providing innovative tools and resources for employee growth and development, while facilitating meaningful connections between employers and potential employees through challenge-based learning.

Value Statement

At our core, we value continuous learning and growth, both for individuals and organizations. We believe that every individual has unique talents and strengths that can be nurtured through proper guidance and support, and that organizations can benefit greatly from investing in their employees' development. We are committed to providing a platform that enables employees to monitor and achieve their career goals, while also facilitating a low-risk opportunity for employers to get acquainted with potential candidates through mini challenges. We believe in the power of challenge-based learning to help individuals discover what they truly enjoy and are passionate about, and we strive to create a culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration, where everyone has the ability to create, share and use knowledge for the betterment of themselves and their organization.

Oanax, for now and for the future